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70s The original Hit Recordings - div

80 f - After the Fire

9 1/2 Weeks - Soundtrack

Abercrombie John - Characters

Abercrombie John - Sargasso Sea

Abrahams Mick - A musical Evening with..

AC/DC - Black in Black

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap

AC/DC - For those about to Rock

AC/DC - High Voltage

AC/DC - Highway to Hell

AC/DC - Let there be Rock

AC/DC - Power Age

African Bambaataa and Family - The Light 2 LP

Age Pee - No Hip Hop feat. Shipra 45rpm 12"

Al Di Meola  - Casino

Al Di Meola - Casino

Al Di Meola McLaughlin De Lucia - Live

Alan Parson - Tales of Mystery

Alan Parsons Project - Ammonia Avenue

Alan Parsons Project - Eve

Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky

Alan Parsons Project - Robot

Alan Parsons Project - Stereotomy

Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery Edgar Allan Poe

Alan Parsons Project - The Best of

Alan Parsons Project - The Turn of a friendly Card

Alan Parsons Project - Vulture Culture

Alarm The - Declaration

Alarm The - Electric Folklore LIVE

Alarm The - Strength

Alex Harvey Band - Next

Alex Harvey Band - Next

Alex Harvey Band - Tomorrow belongs to me

Alles in Butter - Neue Deutsche Welle

Allison Luther - Lets have a natural Ball

Allman Brothers - The Best of

Alpert Herb - Rise

Alpert Herb - This Guy's in Love with you

Amadeus - Soundtrack 2LP

Amazing Rhythm Aces - same

Amen Corner - The Ritz Collection

America - Greatest Hits

America - Hearts

America - Hideaway

America - Homecoming

America - Live

Ammons & Stitt - You Talk That Talk !

Amon Düül - Live in London

Amon Düül - Only Human

Anderson Jan - Walk into Light

Andy Boultons Tokio Blade - Aint Misbehavin

Andy Goldner Band - Live

Animals The - Before we were so Rudely Interrupted

Animals The - The Animals

Animals The - The Animals

Annabella - Fever maxi

April - Mitternacht

Ardkore - Napalm Stix to Kidz

Argent - In Deep

Argent - The Argent Anthology

Armatrading Joan - Back to the Night

Armatrading Joan - Me myself I

Armatrading Joan - Same

Armatrading Joan - Show some emotion

Armatrading Joan - Steppin out

Armatrading Joan - To the Limit

Armstrong Louie - and the Dukes of Dixieland

Armstrong Louis - Collection or - La vie en rose

Armstrong Louis - Greatest Hits Bild Platte

Art of Noise - In No Sense Nonsense

Asha Puthli - She loves to Hear the Music

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Underdog

Atlantic Starr - same

Atlantic Starr - Silver Shadow 45 rpm

Atlantis - Get on Board

Audience - The House on the Hill

Average White Band - Afters Hock

Average White Band feat Ben E King - Benny and us

Aykroyd Dan - Doctor Detroit

Azymuth - Light as a Feather

B 52's - Mesapotamia

B.T.Express - Energy to burn

Babe Ruth - Best of

Babe Ruth - Kids Stuff

Back on the Road - Sampler 2 LP

Bad Company - Desolation Angels

Bad Company - Fame and Fortune

Badarou Wally - Chief Inspector

Badfinger - same

Baez Joan - The Best of

Baker Gurvitz Armay - feat Ginger Baker

BAP - Ahl Männer, aalglatt

BAP - Für usszeschnigge

BAP - Für usszeschnigge

Bar Kays - As one

Bar Kays - Propositions

Bar Kays - Your Place or mine 12"

Barbara Thompsons Paraphernalia - A cry from the Heart 2 LP

Barbera Hanna - The Flintstones

Barclay James Harvest - Baby James Harvest

Barclay James Harvest - Octoberon

Barclay James Harvest - Ring of Changes

Barclay James Harvest - The Best of Vol 2

Barclay James Harvest - Turn of the Tide

Barclay James Harvest - Victims of Circumstances

Barclay James Harvest - XII

Basie Count - The best of Basie

Bassey Shirley - Hör zu Diskothek 10

Bassey Shirley - is Wonderful

Beach Boys - Christmas Album

Beach Boys - LA (Light Album)

Beach Boys - same

Beach Boys - Super Pop Groups Vol 8

Beat Farmers The - Tales of the New West


Beatles - 1967 - 1970 (Blaues Doppel Album)

Beatles - Abbey Road

Beatles - At the Hollywood Bowl

Beatles - At the Hollywood Bowl

Beatles - Let it be

Beatles - Sgt Peppers special edition zum Shop

Beatles The - 1962 - 1966 Red Album Rotes Vinyl !!!

Beatles The - 1962-1966 Red Album 2LP

Beatles The - Sgt Peppers

Beatles The - Weisse Doppelalbum 2LP

Bechet Sidney - Disque d OR

Bechet Sydney - Swings french Pop Songs

Beck Jeff - Blow by Blow

Beck Jeff - Flash

Beck Jeff - Live with Jan Hammer Group

Beck Jeff - same

Beck Jeff - Wired

Beck Joe - Beck

Bee Gees - Massachusetts

Beggars Opera - Pathfinder

Beggars Opera - Pathfinder

Belinda - La Luna

Benata - Live from Earth

Bennato Edoardo - Kaiwanna

Benson George - Give me the Night

Benson George - Give me the Night

Benson George - In Flight

Benson George - Weekend in LA 2LP

Benson George - White Rabbit

Berry Chuck - Golden Decade 2LP

Betts Dickey - and Great Southern

Big Audio Dynamite - This is Big Audio Dynamite

Big Brother and the Holding - Cheap Thrills

Big Red Music - Promo in rotem Vinyl

Birth Control - Titanic

Bitch - First Bite

Black Music - Sampler

Black Sabbath - Sabbath bloody Sabbath

Blackbyrds - Action

Bland Bobby and BB King - Together again

Blige Mary J - Real Love 12"

Bligg - Ra Dawgz feat tha alkoholics 12"

Blondie - Autoamerican

Blondie - Heart of Glass 45 rpm Maxi

Blondie - Parallel Lines

Blondie - Plastic Letters

Blood Sweat and Tears - No Sweat

Blood Sweat and Tears - Nuclear Blues

Blow Kurtis - The best Rapper on the Scene

Blue Yonder - same

Blues Band The - Ready

Blues Helping - Love Sculpture

Blues Max - Max

Blues Selection - Vol 2, 2LP

Blutgruppe - Dies Leben

Bobo - Bobo

Bodine Rita Jean - same

Bohannon - Gittin off

Bohannon - Music in the Air

Boney M - Oceans of Fantasy

Bonney Graham - Cathys Clown 45rpm 12"

Boogie Woogie - and Raggtime Piano Contest

Booker James - Blues and Ragtime

Booker T and Priscilla - same 2LP

Bootsys Rubber Band - Jungle Bass

Bootsys Rubber Band - This Boot is made for Fonk n

Bootsys Rubber Band - This Boot is made for Fonk n

Bowie David - Bowie Pinups

Bowie David - The Beginning Vol 2

Bowie David - The Best of

Bowie David - The World of

Boy George - Live my Life maxi 45 rpm

Boy George - Tense nervous Headache

Boyd Eddie Ullis Blues Band  - Hand in Hand

Boyle Garry - The Dancer

Brand new Heavies - same

Branduardi Angelo - Highdown Fair

Brass Construction - 2

Brawner Kenny - and Raw Sugar

Bread - The Best of

Brecker Bros The - Dont stop the Music

Brick - Summer Heat

Brother Beyond - The harder I Try 45 rpm

Brown James - Get up offa that Thing

Brown James - Gravity

Brown James - I can't stand myself

Brown James - I'm Real

Brown James - It's a new Day

Brown James - People

Brown James - Picture Disc

Brown James - Say it loud

Brown James - Sex Machine 2LP

Brown James - Soul Syndrome

Brown James - Take a look at those Cakes

Brown James - The Best of

Brown James - The Payback

Brown James and the Famous Flames - King of Soul

Brown James And the Famous Flames - Prisoner of Love

Brown Peter - Do you wonna get Funky with me

Brown Peter - Do you wonna get Funky with me

Brubeck Dave - Two generations of

Bruce & Bongo - Geil 45 rpm

BTO - Best of BTO

BTO - Four Wheel Drive

BTO - Not fragile

BTO - The very best of

Buchanan Roy - Loading Zone

Buchanan Roy - My Babe

Buchanan Roy - When a Guitar plays the Blues

Buchanan Roy - You re not alone

Buddha Gamblers - Swinging with

Burdon Eric and War - Declares War

Burdon Eric and War - Love is all around

Burks Donnie - The swinging Sound of Soul

Bush Kate - Lionheart

Butterfield Blues Band - Sometimes I just feel like Smilin

Byrd Charlie - The World of Charlie Byed

Cale JJ - Troubadour

Camel - Breathless

Camel - Mirage

Camel - Moonmadness

Camel - Moonmadness

Camel - Nude

Camel - Rain Dances

Camel - same

CAN - Future Days, green Vinyl

Canned Heat - Boogie with

Capaldi Jim - Oh how we danced

Caravan - Blind Dog at St. Dunstans

Caravan - Canterbury Tales 2LP

Carmen and Thompson - The Moves on

zum Shop Carmen Phil - Wise Monkeys

Carner Erroll - One more Time

Carter Clarence - Sixty Minutes with

Cash Johnny - Vol2 2 LP

Cats - Live 2 LP

CCR - Pendulum

CCR - Willy and the Poor Boys

Celentano Adriana - Adriano

Celentano Adriano - 18 Successi di

Celentano Adriano - Deus

Celentano Adriano - Un Po'Artista Un Po'No

Celentano Adriano - Viva Italia

Central Services - Crawl in the Sands

Cerrone - Angelina

Cerrone - Cerrones Paradise

Chapman Tracy - same

Chapman Tracy - same

Charles Ray - and Betty Carter

Chelsea - Valium Mother 45 rpm

Cher - Take me home

Cher Sonny and - All I ever need is you

Cherry Don - Orient 2 LP

Chic - Cest Chic

Chic - same

Chic - Tongue in Chic

Chicken Shack - 39 Bars

Chicken Shack - In the Can

Chilliwack - Chilliwack

Chilliwack - Lights from the Valley

Chilliwack - Rockerbox

Chilliwack - same

Church The - Remote Luxury

Clapton Eric - 461 Ocean Boulevard

Clapton Eric - Another Ticket

Clapton Eric - Backless

Clapton Eric - Backless

Clapton Eric - Behind the Sun

Clapton Eric - Great Hits

Clapton Eric - Just one Night 2 LP

Clapton Eric - Just one Night 2LP

Clapton Eric - No reason to cry

Clapton Eric - Rainbow Concert

Clapton Eric - same

Clapton Eric - Slowhand

Clapton Eric - Theres one in every crowd

Clark Anne - Joined up Writing

Clark Stanley - If this Bass could only Talk

Clark Stanley - Journey to Love

Clark Stanley - Modern Man

Clarke Stanley - Duke Project

Clarke Stanley - Hideaway

Clarke Stanley - I wanna play for You 2LP

Clarke Stanley - Rocks Pebbles and Sand

Clash The - Sandinista 3LP

Cliff Jimmy - I am the Living

Cliff Jimmy - The Power and the Glory

Clinton George - R B Skeletons in the Closet

Clinton George - You shouldnt nuf bit the Fish

Cloud Christopher - Blown away

Cobham Billy - Billys best Hits

Cobham Billy - Magic

Cobham Billy - Spectrum

Cobham Billy - The best of Billy Cobham

Cobham Billy - Warning

Cobham Billy - Warning

Cobham Billy George Duke Band - Live on Tour in Europe

Cocker Joe - I can stand a little Rain

Cocker Joe - Joe Cocker

Cohen Leonard - Greatest Hits

Cohen Leonard - Live Songs

Cohen Leonard - New Skin for old Ceremony

Cohen Leonard - Recent Songs

Cohen Leonard - Songs from a Room

Cohen Leonard - Songs of

Cohen Leonard - Songs of Love and Hate

Cohen Leonard - Songs of Love and Hate

Cole Nathalie - Thankful

Coleman Bill - und Raymond Fonseque Original Band

Coleman Gary BB - Dancin away my Blues

Collins Albert - Frozen alive

Coltrane Chi - Road to Tomorrow

Commodores  - Zoom

Commodores - In the Pocket

Commodores - Natural High

Commodors - Greatest Hits

Commodors - Live 2 LP

Conniff Ray - Hollywood in Rythm

Connors Norman - Slewfoot

Cooper Alice - Killer

Cooper Alice - Muscle of Love

Cooper Alice - Prime Cuts

Cooper Alice - Schools out

Cooper Alice - Trash

Corea Chick - Herbie Hancock Keith Jarrett MxCoy Tyner

Corea Chick - Sundance

Coryell Larry - Offering

Costello Elvis - My aim is true

Country Joe Mc Donald - Love is a Fire

Country Joe Mc Donald - Paradise with an Ocean View

Cousin Joe - Gospel Wailing Jazz Playing

Crack the Sky - From the Greenhouse

Crawford Hank - Centerpiece

Crawford Hank - Mr. Chips

Crawford Hank - Roadhouse Symphony

Crawford Randy - Everithing must change

Crawford Randy - Secret Combination

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmos Factory und Pendulum

Cress Curt - Avanti

Criss Sonny - Warm and Sonny

Crosby Stlls Nash and Young - American Dream

Crowd Pleaserssame

Crusaders -  Free As The Wind

Crusaders - Life in the modern World

Crusaders - Rhapsody and Blues

Crusaders - Street Life

Crusaders - Street Life zum Shop

Crusaders - with BB King and the Royal Philharmonic Orc 2 LP

Culture Club - Colour by Numbers

Culture Club - Kissing to be Clever

Culture Club - The War Song 45rpm

Cummings Burt - My own way to Rock

Cure The - Disintigration

Cure the - Seventeen Seconds

Danzer Georg - Liderbuch 2LP

Das Boot - Soundtrack

Davis Miles - Workin

Davis Miles - Youre under Arrest

Davis Sammy Basie Count - Our shining hour

Dazz Band - Hot Spot

De Burgh Chris - The Lady in Red maxi

De Lucia Paco - Siroco

De Souza Raul - Sweet Lucy

De Vill Mink - Where Angels fear to Tread

Death Trash - the 10000 rpm Groove Orgy

Dee Dee Wilde - I found you

Deep Purple - Burn

Deep Purple - Fireball

Deep Purple - Machine Head


Deeper Zone - Space

Def Jef - Just a Poet with Soul

Delta Rhythm Boys - with Jeff Mike and his Combo

Deodato - Best of

Deodato - Prelude

Deodato - Star Edition

Depeche Mode - Bong 13 45rpm

Depeche Mode - Some great reward, graues Vinyl

DHC Crew - mit dr zit womer tribe

Di Bango Manu - Anti Matumba Motapo Sun Explosion

Di Meola  Al - Splendido Hotel 2 LP

Di Meola Al - Electric Rendezvous

Diamond Neil - You dont bring me Flowers

Dibango Manu - Afrijazzy

Dibango Manu - Ambassador

Dibango Manu - Collection Blanche 2 LP

DiBango Manu - Deliverance (Live)

Dibango Manu - Electric Africa

Diddley Bo - Have Guitar, will Travel

Die Spitzen - Neue Deutsche Welle

Dietrich Marlene - Lili Marlene

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

Dire Straits - Communiqué

Dire Straits - Communiqué

Dire Straits - Communiqué

Dire Straits - Love over Gold

Dire Straits - Making Movies

Dire Straits - same (Debut Album)

Dirty Dancing - Soundtrack

Dissidenten - Germanistan

Dissidenten - Sahara Elektrik

Divine - Im so Beautiful 45 rpm

Divine - You think you re a Man

Dogs - Walking Shadows

Doldinger Klaus - Doldinger 2LP

Don Cornelius - Soul Train Gang

Donovan - Catch the Wind

Donovan - Cosmic Wheels

Donovan - Lady of the Stars

Donovan - Open Road

Donovan - same

Donovan - The World of Donovan 2LP

Donovan - Vol 2

Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street

Doors - The Best of Doors

Doors The - 2 originals

Dorado Claudio - Notre Histoire PROMO

Dr Feelgood - Be seeing you

Dr John - Plays Mac Rebennack

Dr. John - I been Hoodood

Dr.John - In the right Place

Dr.John - Remedies

Dr.John - The Night Tripper

Dream Machine - Dream Machine

Dream Warriors - Wash your Face in my sink 45rpm 12"

Drugs - The Bomb Party

Duke George - Guardian of the Light

Dunn Willie - The Pacific

Dupree Champion Jack - and his Blues Band feat Mickey Parker

Dury Jan - 4000 weeks Hollyday

Dylan Bob - Blood on the Tracks

Dylan Bob - Saved

Dylan Bob - Slow Train coming

Dylan Bob - Street Legal

Eagles - Live 2 LP

Eagles - Same

Eagles - The long Run

Earth Wind and Fire - All'n All

Earth Wind and Fire - Faces 2 LP

Earth Wind and Fire - I am

Earth Wind and Fire - Powerlight

Earth Wind and Fire - Thats the way of the World

East Coast - East Coast

Eddie and the Hot Rods - Thriller

Edgar Broughton Band - A Bunch of 45s

Edgar Broughton Band - Wasa Wasa

Eicher Stephan - Combien de Temps 12"

Ekseption - 5

Ekseption - Back to Classics

Ekseption - Beggar Julias Time Trip

Ekseption - Bingo

Ekseption - Classic in Pop

Ekseption - Dance Macabre


Element of Crime - Freedom Love and Happiness

Elements - Illumination

Eleventh House The (feat. Larry Coryell) - Aspects

Ellington Duke - In my Solitude

ELO - A new World Record

ELO - Out of the Blue

ELO - Out of the Blue 2LP

ELO - Time

Eloy - Colours

ELOY - Inside

ELOY - Power and the Passion

ELOY - Time to turn

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Love Beach

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Pictures at Exhibition

Emerson Lake and Palmer - Works 2LP

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus

Empire The - Blow your Whistle

zum Shop Eurythmics - Savage

Extrabreit - Rückkehr der Fantastischen 5

Fairweather Andy Low - La Booga Rooga

Falco - Wienerblut

Falco - Wienerblut

Fame - Soundtrack

Far East Family Band - Nipponjin

Farrell Joe - Canned Funk

Farrell Joe - La Catedral Y Toro

Fasold Uli - same

Fasold Uli - same

Fatback - Shes a Go Getter 45 rpm

Ferguson Maynard - MF Horn 3

Ferguson Maynard - New Vintage

Ferry Bryan - These Foolish Things

Fiat Lux - Hired History

Fire and Ice - Soundtrack

Fischer Eddie - Hot Lunch

Fischer Z - Red skin over Paradise

Fitzgerald Ella - Sugar Blues

FIX - Jo Vagy Nalam Edes

Flash and the Pan - 1978

Flash and the Pan - 1979

Flash and the Pan - Nights in France

Flash and the Pan - Pan Orama

Fleetwood Mac - Mirage

Fleetwood Mac - Mystery To me

Fleetwood Mac - Rock Classics

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Fleetwood Mac - same

Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night

Fleetwood Mac - The History of 2 LP

Fleetwood Mac - The original Fleetwood Mac

Flock - Inside out

Focus - At the Rainbow

Focus - Hamburger Concert

Focus - In and out of

FOCUS - Mother Focus

Fogerty John - Eye of the Zombie

Fool House - Nobody Home

Footloose - Soundtrack

Four Tops - Reach out

Fraeky Fukin Weirdoz - Weirdelic

Frampton Peter - Frampton comes alive 2LP

Frampton Peter - Wind of Change

Frank Chickens - We are Frank Chickens

Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax 45rpm

Franklin Aretha - Aretha

Franklin Aretha - Arethas greatest Hits

Franklin Aretha - Hey now hey

Franklin Aretha - Jump to it

Franklin Aretha - Let me in your Life

Franklin Aretha - Soul Sister

Franklin Aretha - The Electrifying

Franklin Aretha - Whos zoomin who

Friends of Distinction - Love can make it easyer

Funky Funky Chicago

Funky Funky New Orleans 3

Funky Nights - Sampler

Gang James - Jesse Come home

Gang James - Miami

Gang James - Newborn

Gang James - Rides again

Gang James - Straight shooter

Gang James - The Best of

Gang James - Thirds

Gaye Marvin - Midnight Love

Gaynor Gaynor - I am

Gaynor Gloria - Never can say Goodbye

Genesis - From Genesis to Revelation

Genesis - Genesis

Genesis - Seconds out 2LP

Genesis - Selling England by the Pound

Genesis - The Lamb lies down on Broadway 2LP

Genesis - Trespass

Gentle Giant - Pretentious 2LP

George Shearing Quintet - Salin Ablair

Geronimo Black - Welcome Back

Getaway LA - Joel Scott HillJohn Barbata

Gibson Brothers - Heaven 45 rpm

Gillan Jan - Magic

Gilmour David - same

Girlschool - Demolition

Gleeson's Patrick - Star Wars

Golden Gate Quintet - 1968

Golden Goodies - Sampler 2 LP

Gomez Eddie - Street smart

Gonzalez - Our only Weapon is our music

Goodman Jerry and Hammer Jan - Like Children

Gotthard - G

Gotthard - G.

Gotthard - same blau

Graham Larry - Star Walk

Grandmaster Flash &The F Five - White Lines

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message

Grant Eddie - Cant get enough

Grant Eddie - File under Rock

Grant Eddie - Killer on the Rampage

Grant Eddy - Walking on Sunshine

Grateful Dead - Go to Heaven

Gravenites Cipollina - Monkey Medicine

Green Al - Greatest Hits

Green Peter - In the Skies

Green Peter - White Sky

Greenslade - same

Greger Max Kaempfert Bert - 2 Star Orchester Box

Gregg Allman Band - Just before The Bullets fly

Griffin Johnny - Call it Wachawana

Grusin Dave - and the Ny La Dream Band

Grusin Dave - GRP Live in Session

Grusin Dave and Lee Ritenour - Harlequin

Guess Who - Flavours

Guess Who - The Best of

Hagen Nina - same Picture Disc

Hair - Original Soundtrack 2LP

Haley Bill - The Collection 2 LP

Hammond Johnny - Gamblers Life

Hammond Johnny - Storm Warning

Hampton Lionel - 29 (Live in Switzerland)

Hampton Lionel - and his All Stars

Hancock Herbie - Feets don't fail me now

Hancock Herbie - Feets don't fail me now

Hancock Herbie - Futureshock

Hancock Herbie - Head Hunters

Hancock Herbie - Man Child

Hancock Herbie - Man-Child

Hancock Herbie - Monster

Hancock Herbie - Mr. Hands

Hancock Herbie - Secrets

Handy John - Carnival

Handy John - Hard Work

Handy John - Where go the Boats

Happy Day Choir - Good Feelins

Harris Eddie - People get funny

Harrison George - Somewhere in England

Harrison George - The Best of

Hausheer Hans Ulrich - Piano Improvisation

Havens Richie - Common Ground

Havens Richie - Simple Things

Havens Richie - The end of the Beginning

Hawkind - In search of Space  zum Shop

Haywood - Arrival

Heatwave - Central Heating

Heatwave - Hot Property

Heine Heinrich - Lyrik and Jazz

Henderson Michael - Solid

Hendrix Jimi - Band of Gypsys

Hendrix Jimi - Experience Soundtrack

Hendrix Jimi - Greatest Hits Vol.3

Hendrix Jimi - The Story of Jimi Hendrix

Hermans Hermits - The Best of

Hi - Gloss

Higgins Monk - Heavy Weight

Hofer Polo - Giggerig

Holly Johnson - Dreams that Money cant buy

Hooker John Lee - Live at Soledad Prison

Hooker John Lee - Thats where its at

Hot Chocolat - Bravo präsentiert

Hot Chocolat - Love Shot

Hot Chocolate - Every 1's a winner

Hot Chocolate - same

Housemartins The - London 0 Hall 4

Hues Corporation - Rockin Soul

Human League - The Lebanon

Humpe Humpe - Humpe

Hunters Club The - Burnt alive

Hydra - Land of Money

Ideal - same (Blaue Augen) 45 rpm

Ike & Tina Turner - Feel Good

Imagination - In the Heat of the Night

Incredible String Band -The Hangman's beautiful Daughter

Incubus - Serpent Temptation

Indiana Jones - and the last Crusade

Inner Circle - Ready for the World

Instant Funk - Looks so fine

Interference - Take that Rain 2 LP

Interzone - same

Iron Butterfly - The Best of

Isley Brothers - Go all the Way

Isley Brothers - Grandslam

Isley Brothers The - Inside You

J Geils Band - Bloodshot

J J Cale - Naturally

J J Cale - Shades

J J Cale - Troubadour

Jackson Jermaine - Come into my Life

Jackson Mahalia -  Christmas with

Jackson Michael - Off the Wall

Jackson Michael - Thriller

Jackson Michael - Thriller

Jackson Sisters - I believe in Miracles 45 rpm

Jackson Wanda - Theres a Party going on

Jacksons The - Triumph

Jagger Chris - Same

Jam The - In the City

Jam The - This is the modern World

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Music World

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - same

James Blood Ulmer - Are you glad to be in America

James Bob - 12

James Bob - All around the Town 2LP

James Bob - Double Vision

James Bob - H

James Bob - Hands Down

James Bob - Hands Down

James Bob - Lucky Seven

James Bob - Obsession

James Bob - Obsessions

James Bob - Sign of the Times

James Bob - Three

James Bob - Three

James Bob - Touchdown

James Bob - Two

James Bob and Earl Klug - One on One

James Bob and Earl Klug - Two of a Kind

James Joni - 20 Greatest Hits

James Montgomery Band - same

James Rick - Fire it up

James Rick - Reflections

James Rick - Street Songs

James Taylor Quartet - Extended Play

James Taylor Quartet - Mission impossible

James Taylor Quartet - The Money Spyder

Jane - Age of Madness

Jane - Fire Water Earth and Air

Jane - Live 2LP

Jane - Same

Jane - Sign No9

Jarre Jean Michel - Oxygene

Jarre Jean Michele - Magnetic Fields

Jarre Jean-Michel - Musik aus Zeit und Raum

Jarreau Al - Breakin away

Jarrett Keith - Byablue

Jarrett Keith - Facing you

Jarrett Keith - Sacred Hymns

Jarrett Keith - The Köln Concert

Jazz Butcher, The - same

Jazz Butcher,The - In Bath of Bacon

Jazz Rocks - 2 LP

Jefferson Starship - Picture Disc

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Jethro Tull - Under Wraps

Jetzer Alap - Boundless

Jiani Carol - Ask me

Jimmy Bo Horn - Dance across the Floor

Jimmy Bo Horn - Is it in

Jimmy Castor Bunch - E-Man Groovin'

Jimmy Castor Bunch - Let it out

Jimmy Castor Bunch - Phase Two

Jo Jo Gunne - Bite down hard

Jo Jo Gunne - Jumpin the Gunne

Jochim Kühn Band  - Sunshower

Joe King Carasco - Bandido Rock

John Elton - 21 at 33

John Elton - Breaking Hearts

John Elton - Caribou

John Elton - Goodbye yellow brick Road 2LP

John Elton - Greatest Hits

John Elton - Honky Chateau

John Elton - Ice on Fire

John Elton - Rock of the Westies

John Elton - The very Best of 2LP

John Elton - Victim of Love

John Hall Band - All of the Above

John Lee & Gerry Brown - Still cant say enough

John Lee Hooker - The Healer feat. Carlos Santana

John little John - Dream

John Mayalls Bluesbrakers - Chicago Line

John Stevens away - Mazin Ennit

Johnny Van Zant Band - Round Two

Johnson Alphonso - The best of

Jonas Hellborg Group -  Axis

Jone Grace - Pull up the Bumper

Jones Elvin - Mr Jones

Jones Grace - Living my Life

Jones Grace - Warm Leatherette

Jones Quincy - Roots

zum Shop Jones Quincy - Sounds

Jones Quincy - The Dude

Joplin Janis - Early Performances and Soundtrack 2LP

Joplin Janis - Greatest Hits

Joplin Janis - Kozmic Blues

Joplin Janis - Pearl

Joplin Janis - Pearl

Jordan Ronny - The Antidote

Journey into Space 2 LP - Passport, Guru Guru etc.

Jovanotti - For President

Joyride - Soundtrack

Judas Priest - British Steel

Judas Priest - Point of Entry

Jukka Tolonen Band - Montreux Boogie

Junior Walker - Blow the House down

Jürgens Udo - Nur ein Lächeln

Kante Mory - Ye Ke Ye Ke Maxi

KBC Band - same

KC & The Sunshine Band - Greatest Hits

KC and The Sunshine Band - 1975

KC and The Sunshine Band - 1978

KC and The Sunshine Band - All in a Nights Work

KC and the Sunshine Band - Part 3

Keen Julia - In a Gadda da Vida 45 Maxi

Kennedy Joyce - Wonna play your Game

Khan Morgan - The World is a Ghetto maxi

Khan Steve - Public Access

Kid Brother - same

Kid Creole and the - Tropical Gangsters

Kid Creole and the Coconuts - I too have to seen the Woods

King BB - King Size

King BB and Bland Bobby - Together for the first Time 2 LP

King Ben E - The Ultimate Collection

King Crimson - USA

King Floyd - Think about

Kinsey Report The - Powerhouse

KISS - Hot in the Shade

Kitt Eartha - and her greatest Songs

Kitt Eartha - I Love Men

Kloss Eric - Bodies Warmth

Knack The - Get the Knack

Knight Gladys - Good Woman

Knight Gladys - Men

Knight Gladys and the Pipes - All our Love

Knopfler David - Cut the Wire

Koinonia - Celebration

Kool & The Gang - In the Heart

Kool & The Gang - Something Special

Kool and The Gang - As one

Kool and the Gang - Emergency 45 rpm

Korner Alexis - Just Easy

Korner Alexis - Pop Blues Vol2

KRAAN - Andy Nogger

Kraftwerk - Tour de France 45rpm

Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

Krazy Kat - China Seas

Kriegel Volker - Elastic Menu

Kriegel Volker - House Boat

Kriegel Volker - Missing Link 2LP

Kunda Toure - Live 2LP

Kunda Tourè - Toubab Bi

Kuti Fela - Army Arrangement

L.T.D. - Something to Love

La Boum - Soundtrack 2LP

Labelle - Nightbirds

Laboratorium - Anatomy Lesson

Lady Bug - Bumblebee Unlimited

Laid Back - Elevatorboy

Laid Back - Play it straight

Last James - The Best of Box

Last James - Voodoo Party

Lauper Cindy - She's so unusual

Lazy Poker Blues Band - One more Mile

Le Orme - Contrapunti

Led Zeppelin - I

Led Zeppelin - III

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffity

Led Zeppelin - same

Lee John - Brothers

Lee John and Gerry Brown - Mango Sunrise

Lennon John - Double Fantasy

Lennon John - Mind Games

Lennon Julian - The Secret Value of Day Dreaming

Lennon Julian - Valotte


Lenton Evelyn - Operator

Les McCann - Layers

Les McCann - The Gospel Truth/PacificJazz

Lets Break - Vol 2

Lewis Jerry Lee - Rock

Lewis Ramsey - Chance Encounter

Lewis Ramsey - Dont feel good

Lewis Ramsey - Dont it feel good

Lewis Ramsey - Keys to the City

Lewis Ramsey - Les Fleurs

Lewis Ramsey - Love Notes

Lewis Ramsey - Ramsey

Lewis Ramsey - Sun Goddess

Lewis Ramsey - The Groover

Lewis Ramsey - The In Crowd

Lewis Ramsey - Three Piece Suite

Lewis Ramsey - Wade in the Water zum Shop

Life Time - feat Tony Williams etc

Lightfood Gordon - Gord's Gold 2LP

Lindley David - and el Rayo X

Lindley David - El Rayo Live

Lindley David - El Rayo X

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Forces of Victory

Linton Kwesi Johnson - In Concert with Dub Band 2 LP

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Making History

Lipps Inc - Funkytown 45 rpm

Lipps Inc - Funkytown 45 rpm Maxi

Lipps Inc - How long 12" 45rpm

Little Bob Story - Come see me

Little Bob Story - High Time

Little Richard - The very Best of

Little River Band - First under the Wire

Live Wire - Pick it up

Lofgren Nils - Cry Tough

Lola - Soundtrack (Fassbinder)

Lord Jon - Sarabande

Lords of the New Church - same

Lost Soul - Vol 1

Lost Soul - Vol 3

Lovetrick - same

Low Meato - same

LTD - Devotion

Lydia - Cold Blood

Lyrishi Zone - Ain't no mcs feat Xavier Naidoo

Madness - One Step Beyond

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds and Fire

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire

Mahavishnu Orchestra - The inner Mounting Flame

Malach Bob - Some Peaple

Mamas aand Papas - Hits of Gold

Mamas and Papas - California Dreamin

Man - Be good to yourself at least once a day

Mandel Harvey - The Best of

Mandel Harvey - The Best of

Manfred Man - Chance

Manfred Man - Nightingales and Bombers

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Criminal Tango

Manfred Mans Earth Band - Messin

Manfred Mans Earth Band - Messin

Manhattens - same

Manitas Del Plata - asi se toca

Mann Herbie - Concerto grosso in D Blues

Mann Herbie - Herbie Mania

Mann Herbie - Hold on Im comin

Mann Herbie - Push Push

Mann Herbie - Reggae

Mann Herbie - See through Spirits

Manzanera Phil - Primitive Guitars

Maria Tania - Wild

Marino Frank - The Power of Rock and Roll

Marley Bob - Exodus

Marley Bob - Exodus

Marley Bob and the Wailers - Babylon by Bus 2 LP

Marley Bob and The Wailers - Kaya

Marley Ziggy and the Melody Makers - Bright Day

Martin Marillyn - same

Mason Dave - Alone Together

Matchbox - Riders in the Sky

Mathieu Mireille Panorama

Matiabazar - Melo

Matter Mani - Ir Ysebahn

Maze - Featuring Frankie Beverly

McCann Les - Change change change (Live at the Roxys)

McCartney Paul - Flowers in the Dirt

McCartney Paul - Press to Play

McCartney Paul - Tug of War

McCrae George - Rock your Baby

McFerrin Bobby - Simple Pleasures

McGriff Jimmy - Sky Walk

McLaughlin John - Belo Horizonte

McLaughlin John - Devotion

zum Shop McLaughlin John - Electric Dreams

McLaughlin John - Extrapolition

McLaughlin John - Music spoken Here

McLean Don - American Pie

McPartland Jimmy - The middle Road

Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell

Mel and Kim - L M weisses Vinyl

Mellecamp - The Lonesome Jubilee

Melville Johnny - Dirty Money

Memphis Blues - International Edition auf rotem Vinyl

Memphis Horns - High on Music

Men without Hats - Safety Dance

Messerschmitt - Wheeler Dealer

Meteors The - Live

Mezzoforte - Observations

Mezzoforte - Rising

Mezzoforte - Surprise Surprise

Miami - same

Miami Vice 2 - Soundtrack

Michael Schenker Group - One Night at Budokan 2 LP

Michael Zager Band - Lets all chant

Midnight Express - Soundtrack

Midnight Love - 28 Beautiful Love Songs 2LP

Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust

Miles John - Stranger in the City

Minelli Liza - The Act

Minelli Liza - Tropical Nights

Mission The  - Children

Mitteregger - Immer mehr

Mitteregger - Kein Mut kein Mädchen

Modern Talking - Lets talk about Love

Modern Talking - The 1st Album

Monkees The - Greatest Hits

Monkees The - Here come the

Montana Sextett - featuring NADIYAH

Montrose Ronnie - Montrose

Moody Blues - To our Childrens Childrens Children

Moore Gary - Still got the Blues

Moraz Patrick - Out in the Sun

Moraz Patrick - same

More - American Graffiti Soundtrack 2LP

Morning, Noon & the Nite-Liters - The Band that plays Funk'n

Most Requested Rhythm Band - Got to give it Up

Motels The - Same

Mother Earth - Stoned Woman

Mother Earth - The People Tree

Mothers Finest - Another Mother Further

Mothers Finest - Live

Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride

Mouzon Alphons and Coryell Larry - The 11th House

Mouzon Alphonse - American Jazz and Blues History Vol 43

Mouzon Alphonse - Morning Sun

MPS Jazz Sound - 71 2LP

Mrs Miller - Greatest Hits

Muhammad Idris - Boogie to the Top

Mullen Jim - Thumbs up

Mulligan Gerry - same

Mungo Jerry - Greatest Hits

Music for Xaba - Volume two

Mystik Merlin - Full Moon

Nash Graham - Wild Tales

Nat King Cole - Song Book

Nazareth - Loud'n'Proud

Nazareth - Play'n'the Game

Nektar - same

Nelson Willie - City of New Orleans

Neurobeat - A Split Second, weisses Vinyl

New Age of Europe - Vol 1

New Electric Warriors  - same

New Orleans Funkiest Delicacies

New York New York - Soundtrack 2LP

Newcleus - Space is the Place

Newton Juice - Quiet Lies

NH3 Band - Lets have a good Time

Nice The - Greatest Hits

Nichts - Aus dem Jenseits

Niemen Czeslaw - same 2 LP zum Shop

Nomi Klaus - same

Novalis - Konzerte

Nowi - Nowi 2

O Neal Alexander - Hearsay

O Sullivan Gilbert - Im a Whriter not a Fighter

Oak Ridge Boys - American made

O'Connor Sinead - Nothing Compares 2 U

O'Donnel Levy - Time has changed

Ofarim Esther and Abi - 2 in 3

Ofarim Esther and Abi - Neue Songs der Welt

Ohio Players - Contradiction

Ohio Players - Pain

Oldfield Mike - Tubular Bells

Olympic Runners - Dance a lot

OMEGA - 200 Years after the last War


Omega - On Tour

OMEGA - same

One Way feat Hudson Al - Same

Openair Festival St Gallen 86 2LP

Osbourne Ozzy - Randy Road Tribute 2LP

OSIBISA - Gettin Hot 45 rpm

OSIBISA - Live at the Marquee

OSIBISA - Osibirock

OSIBISA - Woyaya and Heads 2 LP

Osiris - Ozone

Osiris - Since before our Time

OZ - Decibel Storm

Page Jimmy - Outrider

Pago & Co - Mittendrin

Palmer Eddie - Lucumi Macumba Voodoo

Parker Graham - Another Gray Area

Parker Graham - Live at Marble Arch

Parker Graham - Squeezing out Sparks

Parker Graham - Stick to me

Parliament - Mothership Connection

Passport - 2 Originals of Passport

Passport - Ataraxia

Passport - Blue Tattoo

Passport - Cross Collateral

Passport - Doldinger

Passport - Doldinger Jubilee Concert

Passport - Earthbound

Passport - Garden of Eden

Passport - Handmade

Passport - Heavy Nights

Passport - Iguacu

Passport - Infinity Machine

Passport - Infinity Machine

Passport - Infinity Machine

Passport - Jubilee '75

Passport - Lifelike

Passport - Looking Thru

Passport - Looking Thru

Passport - Ocean Liner

Pat Metheny - New Chautauqua

Pat Metheny Group - The Road to you 2LP

Patto - Black and White 45rpm

Pazant Bros & Beaufort Express - Loose and Juicy

Pazant Bros & Beaufort Express - Loose and Juicy

Pepe Lienhard Band - Pepes Spezialitäten

Pepe Lienhard Band - Swiss Lady

zum Shop Petalpusher - Breakin it down

Peter Sue and Marc - same

Phillips Esther - all about

Pickett Wilson - Great Wilson Pickett Hits

Pickett Wilson - Greatest Hits 2LP

Pickett Wilson - Star Collection

Pie Randy - Fast Forward

Pie Randy - Kitsch

Pilot - Second Flight

Pilot - Welcome Morin Heights

Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets

Pink Floyd - Dark side of the Moon

Pink Floyd - Meddle

Pink Floyd - More (Soundtrack)

Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds

Pink Floyd - The final Cut

Pink Floyd - The Wall 2LP

Pink Floyd - The Wall 2LP

Pink Project - Domino 2LP

Pink Project - Split

Pitsiladis Vangelis - Greek Sound

Poco - Rose of Cimarron

Pointer Sisters - Break out

Pointer Sisters - Dare me maxi

Pointer Sisters - Energy

Pointer Sisters - Happyness 45 rpm

Pointer Sisters - Having a Party

Pointer Sisters - Special Things

Pointer Sisters - Steppin

Pointer Sisters - That's a Plenty

Pointer Sisters - The Pointer Sisters

Police - Outlandos d Amour

Police - Outlandos Damour

Police - Zenyatta Mondatta

Polos Schmetterband - Rütmus Bluus und schnälli Schue

Polos Schmetterding - 12 Schmetterhits

Ponty Jean Luc - Canteloup Island 2LP

Pop will eat itself - This is the Day

Powers Will - Dancing for mental Health

Presley Elvis - Forever 32 Hits 2LP

Presley Elvis - That's the Way it is

Presley Elvis - The US Male

Preston Billy - Billy

Primitives The - Lovely

Prince - Batman

Prince - Dirty Mind

Prince - For you

Prince - Graffiti Bridge 2 LP

Prince - I could never take the Place of your Man

Prince - Love Sexy

Prince - Sign The Time 2 LP

Procol Harum - Grand Hotel

Progressive Rock - Sampler

Propellerheads - Spybreak Maxi

Prophets of Doom - Access to Wisdom

Psychadelic Furs - All of this and Nothing

Psychadelic Furs - Forever Now

Psychadelic Furs - Mirror Moves

Queen - A Day at the Races

Queen - A Day at the Races

Queen - A Night at the Opera

Queen - Hot Space

Queen - II

Queen - Jazz  zum Shop

Queen - Live Killers

Queen - News of the World (grünes Vinyl)

Queen - Sheer Heart Attack

Queen - The Game

Queen - The Miracle

Quick The - International Things

Radio Wieliczka - Little Egoist

RAF - Change your Mind

Rafferty Gerry - City to City

Rah Band - Going Up

Rah Band - Mystery

Rainbow - Rising

Ram Jam - same

Ram Jam - sameen

Ramones - Acid Eaters

Ramones - Mondo Bizarro

Ramones - Rocket to Russia

Rare Bird - As your Mind flies by

Rare Bird - As your Mind flies By

Rare Earth - Back to Earth

Rare Earth - Band together

Rare Earth - Grand Slam

Rare Earth - Ma

Rare Earth - Midnight Lady

Rare Earth - Rarearth

Rare Earth - Rarearth

Rasa - Surviving

Ravel - Bolero

Raydio - Rock on

Red Georgie - If I say stop then stop 45 rpm

Red Hot Chillipeppers - The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

Redding Otis - Star Collection

Reddy Helen - Long hard Climb

Reed Lou - Growing up in Public

Reed Lou - Legendary Hearts

Reed Lou - Mistrial

Reed Lou - New Sensations

Reed Lou - New York

Reed Lou - Sally cant Dance

Reed Lou - Transformer

Remember the 70ies - Sampler 2 LP

Remmler Stephan - same

Remorauproject - Voyage to the Stars

Renaissance - Turn of the Cards

REO Speedwagon - Good Trouble

REO Speedwagon - Wheels are turning

Rhythm and Blues - Formidable Vol 3

Rhythm and Blues - Formidable Vol 5

Richie Lionel - Say me say you maxi

Ricks Jerry and Klein Oscar - Guitar Boogie Woogie

Ridgway Stan - The big Heat

Rimington Sammy - Live in Switzerland

Rimington Sammy - The exciting Sax of

Ritenour Lee - RIT 2

Ritenour Lee - The Captains Journey

Rivers Johnny - John Lee Hooker

Robinson Perry - Kundalini

Rock Bilanz 89 - Diverse Interpreten 2 LP

Rockets - Atomic

Rockets - Galaxy

Rockets - pi 3,14

Rockets - same

Rocking Stars - Rock Revival

Roger - Papas got a brand new Bag/ maxi

Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue

Rolling Stones - Love you Live 2LP

Rolling Stones - Some Girls

Rolling Stones - Tattoo you

Rolling Stones - Under Cover

Rolling Stones The - Beggars Banquet

Rolling Stones The - Rewind 1971 - 1984

zum Shop Rolling Stones The - The Rolling Stones

Rose Royce - Car Wash 2 LP

Rose Royce - Strikes again !

Ross Diana - Baby its me

Ross Diana - Diana

Ross Diana - Endless Love

Ross Diana - Friend to Friend

Ross Diana - Lady sings the Blues 2 LP

Ross Diana - Mahogany

Ross Diana - Theme from Mahogany

Round one - In Zaire 45 rpm

Roussos Demis - Goodbye my Love goodbye

Roxy Music - Country Life

Roxy Music - Manifesto

Roxy Music - Stranded

Roxy Music - Stranded

Roxy Music - The first Roxy Music Album

Royal House - Can you Party

Rufus - Featuring Chaka Khan

Rufus - Numbers

Rumpelstilz - La dolce Vita

Ruphus - Manmade

Ruphus - Ranshart

Rush - Caress of Steel

Russel Leon - And the Shelter People

Russel Leon - Carney

Russel Leon - Loocking Back

Russel Leon - Stop all that Jazz

Russel Leon and Benno Marc - Asylum Choir 2

Saga - Heads or Tales

Saga - Images at Twilight

Saga - Saga

Saga - Silent Knight

Saga - Worlds Apart

Sain Oliver - Blue Max

Sam & Dave - Double Dynamite

Sam & Dave - Sweet and Funky Gold

Sample Joe - Oasisi

Sample Joe - Swing Street Cafe

Sanborn David - Straight to the Heart

Sanborn David - Straight To The Heart

Sanchez Roger and Jamiroquai - Mixes Maxi

Santamaria Mongo - Red Hot

Santana - Beyond Appearances

Santana - Buddy Miles

Santana - Buddy Miles

Santana - Festival

Santana - Festival

Santana - Inner Secrets

Santana - Inner Secrets

Santana - Love Devotion Surrender

Santana - Marathon

Santana - Shango

Santana - Spirits dancing in the Flesh

Santana - Welcome

Santana - Zebop

Santana Jorge - same

Satriani Joe - Dreaming 11

Saturday Night Fever - Soundtrack

Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train

Savoy Brown - Jack the Toad

Savoy Brown - Step Further

Savoy Brown - Street Corner Talking

Schaffer Janne - Earmeal

Scheer Music - High Rise

Schoener Eberhard - Flashback

Scieranski Krzysztof - same

Scorpions - Love at first Sting

Scorpions - Lovedrive

Scotch - Evolution

Scott Robin - New York London Paris Munich

Scott Tom - and The LA Express

Scott Tom - Apple Juice

Scott Tom - New York Connection

Scott Tom - Target

Seals Son - Live and Burning

Search - I

Seeger Bob & The silver Bullet Band - Against the Wind

Seger Bob - Stranger in Town

Shadowfax - Shadowdance

Shaky Jake Harris - The Devil s Harmonica

Shango - Shango Theologie  zum Shop

Sheila E - In the glamorous Life

Shivananda - Cross now

Shorter Wayne - Moto Grosso Feio

Shotgun - III

Side Effect - Goin Bananas

Simon and Garfunkel - Greatest Hits

Simon and Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park 2LP

Simon Paul - Graceland

Simple Minds - Once upon a Time

Sinatra Frank - Starportrait

Singing in the Rain 2 LP

Sister Sledge - We are Family

Skull Snaps - same

Sky - Sky2, 2 LP

Slade - in Flame

Slade - Sladest

Slap Stick - Cosa Nostra

Slide - Down so long

Sly and Robbie - Rhythm Killers

Small Faces - Ogdens Nut Gone

Smash - same

Smith Jimmy - Ein Jazz Portrait

Smith Jimmy - Prime Time

Smith Patty - Wave

Smiths The - The World wont listen

Smokie - Bright Lights and Back Alleys

Smokie - Bright Lights and Back Alleys

Snap - Colours of Love 12" 2LP

Snow Ball - Cold Heat

Soft Cell - Tainted Love 45 rpm

Solsonics The - Jazz in the present Tense

Southide Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - Sacrifice

Span - So oder So

Span - The Thunderhorns

Span - Unterwägs

Specials The - Ghost Town maxi

Spider Murphy Gang - Dolce Vita

Spider Murphy Gang - Tutti Frutti

Spider Murphy Gang - Tutti Frutti

Spin - Spin Spin Spin

Spirit - Live

Spirit - Spirit of 76, 2LP

Spirit - The thirtenth Dream

Spliff The - Radio Show

Split Enz - Frenzy

Split Enz - Mental Notes

Spooky Tooth - Cerenomy

Spooky Tooth - The last Puff

Spooky Tooth - The Mirror BRD

Spooky Tooth - Witness

Spooky Tooth - You broke my Heart

Springsteen Bruce - Born in the USA

Springsteen Bruce - Born to run

Springsteen Bruce - The River 2LP

Stanley Cowell Trio - Illusion Suite

Stargard - Nine Lives

Stargard - The Changing of the Gard

Stargard - What you waitin for

Starr Edwin - Superstar series

Starr Ringo - Goodnight Vienna

Status Quo - Blue for you

Status Quo - If you cant stand the Heat

Status Quo - Live 2LP

Status Quo - Ma Kelly's

Status Quo - Piledriver

Status Quo - Quo

Status Quo - Whatever you want

Steamhammer - Mountains

Stephenson Martin - Gladsome Humour & Blue

Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild

Steppenwolf - Live 2 LP

Steve Khan - Casa Loco

zum Shop Steve Miller Band - Best of 1968 - 1973

Steve Miller Band - Book of Dreams

Steve Miller Band - Fly like an Eagle

Steve Miller Band - Live

Steve Miller Band - Recall the Beginning

Steve Whitney Band - Night Fighting

Stevens Cat - Greatest Hits

Stevens Cat - Morning has broken

Stevens Cat - Teaser and the Firecat

Stevens Nude Club - same

Stewart Al - The early Years

Stewart Rod - Blondes have more fun

Stewart Rod - Camouflage

Stewart Rod - Every Picture tells a Story

Stewart Rod - Foolish Behaviour

Stewart Rod - Foot loose and fancy free

Stewart Rod - Greatest Hits

Stingl Kiev - Teuflisch

Stormwitch - Eye of the Storm

Stranglers - Dreamtime

Strawbs - Burning for you

Strawbs - Deep Cut

Strawbs - Grave new World

Stray - Mudanzas

Stray Cats - Rant n' Rave

Streetheart - Dancing with danger

Streisand Barbara - Yentl

Stress - Tu me manque feat Xavier Naidoo

Stretch - Elastique

Stretch - Why did you do it 45 rpm

Strictly Business - Soundtrack

String Driven Thing - Keep yer and on it

String Driven Thing - Please mind your Head

String Driven Thing - same

Ströer - same

Styx - Paradise Theatre

Suisse 2000 - Sampler mit u.A. Sautrelles

Summer Donna - All Systems go

Supermax - Fly with me

Supermax - Supermax Mix

Supermax - World of Today

Supertramp - Crime of Century

Supertramp - Crysis What Crisis

Supertramp - famous last words

Surprises - Longing for the Daylight

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Sutherland Brothers - Lifeboat

Sweat Band - same

Sweet Cream - and other Delights

Sweet Smoke - Live

Swiss Jazz - Das Beste

Swiss Movement, The - Keep on Loving you  zum Shop

T Rex - Pop History Vol 27 2LP

T.C. Curtis - Mr. Minute 45 rpm

Takanaka Masayoshi - same

Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring

Talking Heads - Stop making sense

Talking Heads - Stop making Sense

Talkingheads - Remain in Light

Temptations - Anthology 1964 - 1973 2LP

Temptations - Bare Back

Temptations - Do the Temptation

Temptations - Truly for You

Temptations The - Back to Basics

Temptations The - Power

Temptations The - To be continued

Ten Years After - Ssssh

Ten Years after - Watt

Terence Trent D Arby - Vibrator

Tex Joe - He who is without Funk etc

Tex Pete - Golden Saxophon Hits

Texas - Mothers Heaven

Texas - Southside

Thats Funk - Hot Groove

That's Soul - Vol 4

That's Soul - Vol 4

That's Soul - Vol 5

Thats Soul - What's Soul

Thats Soul 1 - 6 Collection

Thats Soul Vol 3

The 5th Dimension - Live 2LP

The 5th Dimension - Portrait

The 5th Dimension - Soul and Inspiration

The Band - The last Waltz 3 LP

THE FATIMA MANSIONS - You're a Rose 45rpm 12"

The other Reggae Superstars - 15 Big ones

The Round Robin Monopoly - Alpha

The the - Infected

The THE - Sweet bird of Truth 45 rpm

The Warrior - Soundtrack

The Woman in Red - Music by Steve Wonder

THEM - The Beginning  Vol 4

Theodorakis Mikis - Instrumental

Third World - Arise in Harmony

Third World - Hold on to Love

Third World - Rock the World

Third World - Serious Business

This is the Funk - The very best of New York Funk

Thomas Joe - Here I come

Thomas Rufus - same

Thompson Barbara - Paraphernalia

Three Dog Night - Around the World 2LP

Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream

Titanic - Eagle Rock

Titanic - same green

Titanic - Sea Wolf


Todays Top Hits- Vol 14

Tokyo Blade - Ain't Misbehavin

Tolonen Jukka - In a this Year Time

Tom Robinson Band - Power in the Darkness

Tommy Boy- Miami Bass promo

Tone Loc - All through the Night 12"

Toots - in Memphis

Toots - Just like that

TOP 76 - Diverse

Tosh Peter - Bush Doctor

Tosh Peter - Captured Live

zum Shop Touch el Arab - We believe 45 rpm

Tower of Power - Power

Traffic - Mr Fantasy

Trampolin - In the Dead of the Night

Tramps - The Best of

Tribute - Breaking Barriers

Trio - Bye Bye

Triumvirat - A la Carte

Trouble Funk - Trouble over here

Turner Ike & Tina - Get it together

Turner Ike & Tina - Workin' together

Turner Ike and Tina  - Star Collection

Turner Ike and Tina - Come Together

Turner Ike and Tina - Greatest Hits

Turner Ike and Tina - Nutbush City Limits

Turner Ike and Tina - same

Turner Tina - Privat Dancer

Two Tons The - Backatcha

U2 - Joshua tree

U2 - The Joshua Tree

U2 - War

UB40 - Baggariddim 2LP

UB40 - Dont slow down 45 rpm

UB40 - Labour of Love

UB40 - Present Arms in Dub

UFO - Lights out

UFO - Phenomenon

UFO - The Best of

Ultravox - same

Ultravox - Vienna

Undisputed Truth The - Face to Face with the Truth

Untouchables - Wild Child

Uputstvo za Rukovanje - Napokon Ploca

Uriah Heep - Demons and Wizards

Uriah Heep - Firefly

Uriah Heep - High and Mighty

Uriah Heep - Look at Yourself

Uriah Heep - Salisbury  zum Shop

Uriah Heep - Sweet Freedom

Vampires -  From outer Space

Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff

Van Der Linden Rick - Trace

Van Halen - OU812

Van Mc Coy - The Hustle and Best of

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

Van Morrison - Best of

Vangelis - China

Vangelis - Spiral

Vaya con Dios - Con Dios

Vaya Con Dios - Night Owls

Velvet Underground - Loaded feat. Lou Reed

Venditti Antonello - Cuore

Venditti Antonello - Sotto il segno dei pesci

Venditti Antonello - Sotto La Pioggia

Virus - Lunacy

Visage du Jazz

Vitamin X - Secrets of Life

Vitous Miroslav - Magical Shepherd

Vollenweider Andreas - Caverna Magica

Vollenweider Andreas - Poesie und Musik

Wall of Voodoo - Far Side of Crazy

Wall of Voodoo - Granma's House

Wall of Voodoo - Happy Planet

zum Shop War - All Day Music

War - Deliver the World

War - Platinum Jazz 2LP new

WAR - WAR Live 2 LP

War - Why cant we be friends

Warumpi Band - Go Bush

Washington Geno - Stifters Shifters Finger clicking Mamas

Washington Grover Jr - Live at the Bijou 2 LP

Washington Grover Jr - Reed Seed

Washington Grover Jr - Skylarkin

Washington Walter - Out of the Dark

Watanabe Sadao - California Shower

Watanabe Sadao - Maisha

Wave News - Independent Smash Hits in orangem Vinyl

We are the World

Weather Girls The - Success

Weather Report - Black Market

Weather Report - Heavy Weather

Wecker Konstantin - Genug ist genug

Wesley Fred - Another Song/House Party 12"

Wham - Fantastic

White Barry - I love to sing

White Barry - The Man

White Barry_ Love unlimited - Walking in the Rain with the o

Whitesnake - Come an' get it

Whitesnake - Ready an Willing

Whitesnake - Serpens Albus

Whitesnake - Slip of the Tongue

Whitney Houston - How will I know zum Shop

Whitney Houston - same

Who The - Face Dances

Who The - It's Hard

Who The - Live at Leeds

Who The - Pop Heroes

Who The - The Best of

Wilson Al - Ive got a Feeling

Wilson Murry - The many Moods of

Wilson Reuben - Bad Stuff

Wings - At the speed of sound

Wings - Band on the Run

Winter Edgar - Standing on Rock

Winter Edgar - White Trash

Winter Johnny -  Live 2LP

Winter Johnny - 3rd Degree

Winter Johnny - Live

Wishbone Ash - Classic Ash

Wishbone Ash - New England

Wishbone Ash - Pilgrimage

Wishbone Ash - Theres the Rub

Wishbone Ash - Wishbone Four

Withers Bill - Still Bill

Wonder Stevie - Hotter than July

 zum Shop Wright Betty - Danger High Voltage

Xanadu - Soundtrack

Yamashta Stomu - Go Live from Paris 2 LP

Yamashta Stomu - Go Too

Yamashta Stomu - The Man from the East

Yamashtas Stomu - East Wind

Yancey - same

Yazz - Fine Time 45 rpm in blauem Vinyl

Yazz - The only way is up 45 rpm Erstauflage

Yazz - The only way is up and plastic Population 45 rpm

Yazz - Wanted

Yello - Stella

Yello - The Race 45 rpm Maxi

Yello - The Rhythm divine by Shirley Bassey

Yello - You gotta say yes

Yellow Jackets - same

YES - 90125

YES - Close to the Edge

YES - Going for the One

YES - The YES Album

Young Jesse Colin - Songbird

Young Neil - After the Goldrush

Young Neil - American Stars n Bars

Young Neil - Old Ways

Young Neil - Rust never Sleeps

Young Neil and Crazy Horse - Life zum Shop

Youngblood Sydney - Feeling Free

ZA ZA - Zauberstab 45 rpm

Zappa Frank - Chungas Revenge

Zappa Frank - Hot Rats

Zappa Frank - Joes Garage Act I.

Zappa Frank - One size fits all

Zappa Frank - Them or Us 2LP

Zappa Frank The Mothers - Over Nite Sensation

Zelkovitz Goldie - same

Zulema - RSVP

Züri West - Bümpliz Casablanca

zum Shop

update: 31.1.2008

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